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Coral Coralovich I

Coral Coralovich I - Ceramic for aquarium, 19 сm * 15 сm * 13 сm, photo 1 of 5.
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Buy «Ceramic decor Coral Coralovich I». Decorative ceramic Coral - my author's idea and implementation. The product is unique and unrepeatable, 100% exclusive. This author's decor will become a bright accent and complement of the interior and also wonderful for aquarium decoration.

Coral Coralovich II

Coral Coralovich II - Ceramic for aquarium, 20 cm * 17 cm * 15 cm, photo 1 of 5.
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Buy «Ceramic Coral Coralovich II». Decorative ceramic Coral - author's work, idea and implementation. Decorative ceramic decoration is exclusive and unique. Can be as a wonderful decorative element and interior's complement on a shelf or coffee table, just as wonderful for aquarium decoration (made of natural materials, covered with food glaze, without dangerous impurities).

Coral Coralovich III

Coral Coralovich III - Ceramic for aquarium, 18 cm * 17 cm * 15 cm, photo 1 of 3.
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Buy «Clay aquarium decoration Coral Coralovich III». Decorative ceramic Coral - manual work, my author's idea and execution. Such a Coral will be an excellent gift for the owners of aquariums, can become an accent of modern interior and undoubtedly its decoration. You will not exactly see such second coral, the product is exclusive and unrepeatable.

Coral IV

Coral IV - Ceramic for aquarium, width - 11 cm, height - 7 cm, photo 1 of 6.
27 $
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ceramic coral blue — buy aquarium decor. Author's ceramics are handmade, unique, unrepeatable, ... like nature itself. Wonderful gift for fans of aquariums, decoration for the aquarium, interior decor. It is made of natural materials, covered with food glaze, without dangerous impurities.

Coral green

Coral green - Ceramic for aquarium, width 12 cm, height 9 cm, photo 1 of 6.
23 $
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Aquarium ceramic decor Green coral — buy ceramics for aquarium. Styling of the sea Coral Reef, handmade. Unusual decor and interior decoration. This ceramic coral can decorate not only a shelf or coffee table, but also be a wonderful eco-friendly aquarium decoration.

Futuristic decor

Futuristic decor - Ceramic for aquarium, length - 10 cm, height - 6 cm, photo 1 of 4.
17 $
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ceramic decoration for aquarium — buy a decor for a small aquarium. Author's ceramics, decoration in aquarium in a futuristic style. A unique product, repeats are excluded. it is possible to create something similar.