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White aroma lamp with poppy

Ceramic Aroma Lamp Poppy, White with Red, color - white with red, height - 8.5 cm, diameter - 9 cm, photo 1 of 5.
35 $
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Ceramic Oil burners — buy white Oil burners with poppy flower. White candleholder made of clay with a poppy flower, hand-sculpted. Interior decoration and aroma lamp - night light , two in one. Perfectly suited for essential oils.

A Lighthouse

A Lighthouse - Oil burners, height - 12.5 cm, diameter - 9 cm, photo 1 of 4.
25 $
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Buy «Clay aroma lamp Lighthouse». Clay aroma lamp, hand made. It will be a wonderful addition to the interior, to the children's room and it can also be used as a night light - a candlestick, for those who do not like or are afraid to fall asleep in the dark.

Aroma lamp Drops

Aroma lamp Drops - Oil burners, height - 10 cm, diameter - 8 cm, photo 1 of 3.
35 $
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Buy «Ceramic Aroma lamp Drops». Ceramic hand-sculpting aroma lamp - addition to the interior, decor, aroma lamp, night light in the children's room.