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Classic ceramic vases

Ceramic classic vase with hand-painted swallows, height  - 18 cm, photo 1 of 5.
60 $
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4.7 (38)

Ceramic vase of classical form, handmade, author's hand-painted. It can be both a beautiful decoration of the interior and a decorative element in itself. Pottery.

Height - 18 cm.

Why not to buy a classic flower vase.

Classic vase Green patinated, height - 23 cm, photo 1 of 3.
80 $
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4.7 (40)

Pottery, Clay vase of classical form, the volume texture is finished by hand, painted in 2 stages (with the creation of the patina effect).

Height - 23 cm.

It is good time to buy a ceramic vase for flowers.