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Ceramic small vase candlestick gray bagful

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Interior vase «Gray Bagful», height - 11 cm. Photo 1216.

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4.8 (93)
Price: 25 $
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Vase - candlestick - from my author's series of exclusive vases. This is the decor for any modern interior, and a pretty little vase for a small bouquet which will delight every time you see them, and a stylish candlestick, to create the right mood. Perfectly combines in sets with other vases-bags.

  • height - 11 cm
  • natural clay,
  • gray glossy glaze


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Interior vase «Gray Bagful», height - 11 cm. Photo 1219.
Decorative vase «Gray Bagful», height - 11 cm. Photo 1218.
Small Vase or flowers «Gray Bagful», height - 11 cm. Photo 1217.
Candle vase «Gray Bagful», height - 11 cm. Photo 1215.
Small Vase or flowers «Gray Bagful», height - 11 cm. Photo 1220.


interior vases:
Interior vase «Light green Bagful», height - 11 cm, color - green. Photo 1230.
25 $
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4.8 (96)

Decorative vase of unusual shape - Bagful, handmade vase. This series of vases was conceived as a multinational decoration of interiors, to transform the space around. They can be combined with each other and additionally ordered in other desired colors. Unusual vases for flowers will decorate any cafe, house. and if you want to create a romantic atmosphere - the vases turn into candlesticks.

Height - 11 cm, color - green.

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Interior vase «Echeveria», height - 16 cm, color - white. Photo 1360.
40 $
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4.8 (94)

Lately, love for cacti and succulents is growing more and more. Their variety is amazing. This white ceramic vase of unusual shape was made under the impression of these incredible plants. The result was a beautiful interior vase that will complement and decorate any modern interior.

Height - 16 cm, color - white.

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Interior vase «Red Bagful», height - 12 cm, color - red. Photo 1437.
25 $
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4.8 (129)

Red Bagful from my author's series of small ceramic vases-candlesticks for interior decor. Handmade decorative vase - a bright accent in the interior, looks great with small floral arrangements, and can also serve you as very comfortable candlestick. This red bagful is perfect for New Year's decor of the room, the kitchen, because like a Santa bag.

Height - 12 cm, color - red.

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decorative vases:
Decorative vase «Simple shapes», height - 15 cm. Photo 1046.
36 $
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4.9 (97)

Author's vase, hand modeling. Simple shapes, complex colors - the vase is covered with a glaze made by myself, the glaze has a deep dark green color and an overflow with turquoise hues. The photo, unfortunately, can not display this color's game.

Height - 15 cm.

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Decorative vase «Pink Bagful», height - 11 cm. Photo 1291.
Decorative vase «Pink Bagful», height - 11 cm. Photo 1291-3840-3840.
Decorative vase «Pink Bagful», height - 11 cm. Photo 1291-3840-2160.
Decorative vase «Pink Bagful», height - 11 cm. Photo 1291-3840-2880.
25 $
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4.9 (89)

Unusual vase made of clay "Bagful". Author's multifunctional vase-candlestick. In combination with other vases-bagful and not only - it will be a wonderful decoration of any modern space, fill it with comfort and warmth. In the bagful you can put flowers, both live and dry, you can put a candle. Vases bagful can be ordered in the right color range.

Height - 11 cm.

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Decorative vase «Beige Bagful», height - 9 cm, color - beige. Photo 1272.
25 $
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4.9 (91)

Decorative vase - candlestick in the form of a Bagful. Handmade vase from the series "Bagfuls", which were conceived as multifunctional. This is an interior decoration, this is a vase for a flower arrangement that will complement the interior and make it warmer and more comfortable. This unusual vase will decorate any space. In the evenings, with a slight movement of the hand the vase turns into a candlestick. Sacks can be combined with each other and ordered in the right colors to emphasize or complement the color palette of space.

Height - 9 cm, color - beige.

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small vases:
Small Vase or flowers «Burrowing owl», height - 13 cm. Photo 579.
30 $
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4.8 (94)

Handmade vase, with the author's drawing of a little burrowing owlet. A perfect addition to the interior for lovers of owls, flowers and ceramic works done with a soul.

Height - 13 cm.

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Small Vase or flowers «Bird Rubecula», height - 13 cm. Photo 587.
28 $
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4.8 (94)

Ceramic handmade vase with a picture of the bird Rubecula, known simply as the robin or robin redbreast. Author's work, which will like those who love birds and flowers. It is interesting that the robin sing in the evening and even at dusk.

Height - 13 cm.

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Small Vase or flowers «The Snowy owl», height - 10 cm. Photo 1415.
30 $
In stock
4.7 (96)

Exclusive ceramic handmade vase with a drawing of a polar owlet. It looks wonderful both with fresh flowers and dry. A wonderful addition to the interior. This charming little owl will fill the space around you with warmth and comfort despite the fact that it is polar.

Height - 10 cm.

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