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White-blue vase Tourniquets

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Decorative vase «White-blue Tourniquets», height - 16,5 cm. Photo 611.

vendor code - 000142

4.7 (95)
Price: 38 $
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Author's handmade vase, made in ancient technique, the shape of the vase is unique and unrepeatable, the vase has created itself layer by layer, with my help. This vase will decorate and complement every interior.

  • height - 16,5 cm
  • natural clay,
  • white glossy glaze,
  • blue glossy glaze


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Interior vase «White-blue Tourniquets», height - 16,5 cm. Photo 612.
White-blue vase Tourniquets, height - 16,5 cm, photo 3 of 3. 614.


decorative vases:
Decorative vase «Gray-blue bagful», height - 12 cm, color - gray-blue. Photo 1000.
25 $
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4.8 (96)

Author's ceramic flower vase "Bagful", handmade. The decorative vase is painted in several layers with different colors, which are then disclosed for decorative attritions. Exclusive vase - candlestick - for decorating the interior, creating a mood and the right atmosphere.

Height - 12 cm, color - gray-blue.

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Decorative vase «Coral Reef», height - 20 cm. Photo 1111.
50 $
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4.8 (92)

Ceramic handmade vase, author's work - a variation on the theme of coral reefs. It is made in contrasting bright colors. An unusual, bright interior vase. And it's original shape will help make up unique compositions of fresh flowers.

Height - 20 cm.

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Decorative vase «Lizard on stone», height - 18 cm. Photo 343.
50 $
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4.8 (93)

Vase of unusual shape, with a small sculpted lizard, covered with glaze. Vase Can be an independent addition to the interior and looks wonderful with flowers.

Height - 18 cm.

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interior vases:
Interior vase «Incredible Green Bagful», height - 12 cm, color - deep emerald. Photo 1007.
25 $
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4.8 (99)

Ceramic interior vase of unusual shape "Bagful". Handmade vase. Decorative desktop vase for flowers - it will decorates and transforms the house, will create mood. It is not just a vase, but a vase-candlestick, two in one. It wonderful fit for the decor of a cafe, restaurant. The vase is covered with author's glaze of deep emerald color, which has inimitable color game with a turquoise tint.

Height - 12 cm, color - deep emerald.

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Interior vase «Shabby gray Bagful», height - 17 cm, color - gray. Photo 992.
28 $
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4.8 (96)

Author's hand-molded vase of unusual shape "Bagful ". Ceramic vase for flowers - a wonderful interior decor. Vase with multilayer staining and with the effect of fraying.

Height - 17 cm, color - gray.

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Interior vase «Blue vase Coral», height - 19 cm. Photo 1043.
75 $
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5 (105)

Decorative handmade vase in my favorite nautical theme. Vase Coral - stylization, imitates a coral reef, the vase performed in blue-green tones. This vase will be a wonderful addition to the interior, and its three-barreled shape will help make up unique compositions of fresh flowers.

Height - 19 cm.

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