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Ceramic figurines of Monkeys

Set of Monkeys «No evil»

A bit of history: these three wise monkeys came to us from Japanese culture, and their religious roots go to Buddhism. Their poses bear the following messages: "I do not see evil," "I do not hear evil," "I do not speak evil," although it should be noted that initially there was a fourth "I do not do evil," but somehow in due course in the usual for the majority composition of there are left three.

Height - 6 cm and 7,5 cm


  • natural clay, colored glaze,
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Set of Monkeys «No evil» - Animals and birds, height - 6 cm and 7,5 cm, photo 1 of 2.
Set of Monkeys «No evil» - Animals and birds, height - 6 cm and 7,5 cm, photo 2 of 2.

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